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7 exercises you and your dog can do together

Dogs need to exercise too! Here are seven you and your dog can do together for physical and mental fitness

Have you ever seen or experienced a pet trying to join its human in exercise? Well, we’re here to convince you to let them! Just as people need to exercise to keep their brains sharp and their bodies functional, dogs too. With that in mind, here are seven activities you and your pet can do to improve your physical and mental fitness together. It is important to note that these activities should be safe for a reasonably healthy animal that regularly visits the vet. If you’re worried about doing anything strenuous with your beloved companion, get a vet’s opinion!

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Slow walks

It goes without saying that dogs should be walked daily, but it’s also important to note that these walks should be long enough to encourage your dog’s natural instinct to explore. Why not bring your dog with you hot girl walking or hiking to make both you and your beloved pet healthier mentally and physically?

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Likewise, dogs should be given more opportunities to run as a way to expend extra energy and maintain health. If this exercise is new to your pet, we suggest starting with a short jog and then gradually progressing to longer distances at faster speeds. Be sure to bring a bottle of water and a small bowl for them to drink from so they can stay hydrated too!

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Playing games

Playing games with your dog is an effective way to keep him active and happy. Consider the dog’s breed, age, and health when choosing a game, but some great examples include playing tug-of-war with a frisbee or tug-of-war. If you have access to a tennis court, we also suggest taking your dog there so they have room to catch the tennis ball you throw at them.

Exercises for the mental and physical condition of your pet


If your dog tolerates water well, we suggest taking him to the pet pool so he can exercise with you! And just as swimming is easy on people’s joints, it’s good for dogs too. But keep in mind that you must follow all necessary safety precautions to keep your dog safe and comfortable throughout the experience.

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Yes, the videos of dogs doing yoga with their humans are real and safe for them! It’s another great way to bond with your pet and make them happy. You can guide them through dog-friendly poses that are natural to their movements, like downward dog pose for example!

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Agility course

This will take some training, but agility classes are beneficial for dogs even if they don’t compete in anything because it’s a fun way to introduce more movement and stimulation into their lives. For example, you can take them through pet obstacle courses in shopping centers and let them hang out with other friendly dogs there.

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Puzzle toys

Finally, we suggest getting your dogs puzzle toys so that they can get mental stimulation even during your vacation or while you are working. And because they can effectively engage their minds, dogs playing with them can also keep them from getting bored and chewing on things they shouldn’t when they’re still young and untrained.

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