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75-year-old in PERFECT health reveals ‘SHIELD’ lifestyle he relies on to ‘protect’ his physical and mental wellbeing as he ages

  • Ng Kok Song is as mentally and physically strong as he’s ever been
  • He uses the SHIELD formula daily, which he credits for his health
  • The 75-year-old’s formula includes regular socializing and a healthy diet

A 75-year-old man who says he’s as mentally and physically strong as he’s ever been opens up about the tips and techniques he uses to stay in top shape as he ages.

Ng Kok Song, from Singaporehe discovered recently TikTok video that he devised a lifestyle regimen made up of six key components, which he believes have ensured his perfect health.

And for anyone looking to follow Ng’s lead, he’s come up with the perfect acronym to follow his advice: SHIELD.

“Shield means armor to protect yourself,” he explained in the video, which was viewed more than 3.6 million times.

The financier explained what his acronym means and how he implemented it in his daily life.

Ng Kok Song, pictured, posted the now-viral TikTok explaining how he stays healthy at 75
Ng Kok uses the SHIELD formula daily, which he credits for his long-term health

“S sleeps for seven hours,” said the 75-year-old.

H stands for how you deal with stress – and Ng urges everyone to try meditation, which he swears has helped him combat stress and anxiety.

‘I’m all for interaction,’ he explained. ‘In other words, join the conversation.’

He then emphasized the importance of exercise (E), saying that he did something active every day.

“Or I play a little tennis, a little golf,” he explained.

“I walk the (golf) course,” he explained. ‘I try to swim and I (garden).’

Ng also spoke about the importance of always learning, saying he always tried to make sure he challenged himself.

“Learn, learn something,” he urged. ‘Even at this age, learn something.’

Singaporean Ng says he uses the SHIELD acronym to keep himself healthy as he ages.
TikTok users loved Ng’s healthy living tips, with many saying they planned to download his short

‘Now I’m trying to learn some simple technology,’ he added. ‘So, for example, I learned how to edit a video.’

‘You have to moderate your carbohydrate intake,’ he said. ‘Low carb, sfallow.’

Ng also takes care of the food an ‘abundance’ of fruits and vegetables.

Users flocked to the comments section to thank Ng for his advice.

Ng Kok Song’s formula for maintaining health at age 75

Ng says he lives by the SHIELD formula to stay healthy:

S: Sleep – make sure you get enough

H: How to deal with stress – Ng says he’s meditating

I: Interaction – stay social

E: Practice – do something physical every day

L: Study – Ng emphasized the importance of striving to expand your knowledge

D: Diet – Ng says he tries to eat as healthy as possible

‘Very impressive at the age of 75! Thank you sir for the good advice,’ one user commented.

‘So inspiring! I love this,’ said another.

‘This is great advice, thanks!’ said a third person.

It’s not just Ng who applies these healthy living tips.

Earlier in the year, a major American studies they looked at eight important healthy lifestyle habits – including not smoking, eating well, sleeping well and managing stress.

They found that adopting these eight healthy habits in middle age can add decades to your life.

Habits included physical activity โ€“ more than about 30 minutes a day of moderate to vigorous physical activity

Not smoking and a good diet that is rich in fruits and vegetables are also listed.

Other things include avoiding regular binge drinking by avoiding more than four drinks a day, getting enough sleep – aim for seven to nine hours of sleep a night – and maintaining positive social relationships, such as having a close person to talk to about problems.

The study also discussed stress management โ€” based on how well people cope with high-pressure situations โ€” and recovery from opioid addiction.

Women with all eight of these habits at age 40 could live an average of 21 years longer than those without any, the study found.

Men aged 40 with all eight habits could expect to live an average of 24 years longer than those with none.

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