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A meeting with Maud Poupa, the pen of Valérie Orsoni for her new event book STRONG(H)ER

What happens behind the scenes of books ?
Who are these authors who write with personalities and borrow themn.t their feathers ? Who are these chameleons who merge from one universe to another, in the service of a subject, a goal or a story? ?

Wool fabric Poupa introduces herself as an author and editor. She regularly works as a freelance journalist and, to name a few anglicisms, Songwriter or ghostwriter. Fueled by a passion for the written word, she is a jack of all trades who thrives on eclecticism. If she chose independence, it is so that she can get away from a without complexes theme another and address the audience which are never the same.
The book was published on October 11 STRONG (H) ER by Valerie The Orsons (Hugo & Cie editions), of which she is the co-author. Authors are rare Name their pen, which piqued our curiosity.
Who is this stranger? mentioned on the cover of the last book from an international coach with multiple bestsellers ? We asked the director interested.

Wool fabric PoupaWHO are you ?

Wool fabric Poupa : I am a freelance writer and editor. My work is writing in all its forms. I have always loved writing and finding the right words to express, through text, ideas, testimonies, feelings… I write about many topics, without trying to limit myself at all. A completely new project, a completely new field of knowledge to explore arenot a challenge for me exhilarating facilitate.

How has your journey been so far? ?

afternoon: I am a trained writer. I even studied Latin and ancient Greek ! I went through prep school (in Rennes, I’m Breton) and I loved it learn so much. Because that I headed towards the teacher in Éedition contemporary and Ddocumentation : I saw working in the world of books as an opportunity to be able to do my whole life to open up all domains. I was an assistant editor for 7 years before starting out on my own in 2014. From that moment, more than ever, I allowed myself to explore and borrow everything my pen to all possible topics. Jdiscovered journalism in the regional press, journalism B2B (I specialize in luxury product packaging), editorialon the web, written communication, etc. I wrote children’s books, created my own card gameswith For invent stories (“ Tell your story ! »Brocéliande and Brittany version), I collaborated on several tourist guides (in my region and for Scotland), wrote memoirs for individuals, came up with intrigues on request… I like to touch everything, and I am, at the same time, fitness fanatic, so when I’m put in contact with Waveelaughter The Orsonsthe crush was instant.

Tell us about your meeting with Valérie The Orsons ?

afternoon: I responded to an ad for a professionalnozzle writing. They chose me and put me in touch with Valérie The Orsons. On the first date, I did very impressed. Valerie was there trainer of Hollywood stars, she had her coaching games on the Nintendo Wii console, she created a community of ten thousand people around her concept TheBootCamp, she is a bestselling author… She relaxed me very quickly and it was over. As she writes herself, maybe she didn’t need me, but the project included my service editorial. It was lucky because I could show him what I could bring him. She tested me and it was final : I knew how to write as she wanted and I saved her time. An hour of interviews for her and the site blackened In my opinion. The project that brought us together was abandoned, but Valérie did not want to end our cooperation there. She had this desire books about the power that required only see the daybut she was running out of time. I showed her that I could write like her, in her state of mind and respecting her style.She tells mehas suggested write with her this work she cares about more than anything else, and of course I said yes.

How did your collaboration go? ?

afternoon: Everything went very smoothly. As Valérie lives in San Francisco, we contacted each other in the evening (for me) for an interview. I have read a lot on the subject of mental strength so that I am aware of all that is being said our topic. I like to get to the bottom of things. However, in order to be as close as possible to Valérie, I also needed a privileged contactwith her. I joined her in October 2022 to live life with her, in San Francisco. I heard his words, but I had to immerse myself in his works and his daily life. This was a real plus for THE a book. I was engaged in his sports training, followed his frenetic pace, I swam in the frozen water of the San Francisco Bay and I have a covers the arms and legs in the ice to test my mental strength, I faced my fears, I tried new activities… Every day had its own challenge. We also obviously worked a lot on the content of the book to fully match what Valérie wantedshare.

Tell us about in regards toe book STRONG (H) ER

STRONG (H) ER East book ofempowerment hyper-documented, concrete, positive,” feel good », which reads like a novel and provides tools that anyone can use. Between anecdotes, quotes, exercises, “ advice you never thought you’d read » and other non-consensual viewpointss, that is, for me, a work really different. We could call him a sheep with five legs, but I prefer to describe him as a unicorn. You will no doubt notice the feminist approach in the title. Yes, Valerie The Orsons to the audience mainly feminine, and we wrote this book as women, evoking the peculiarities of female strength. Erasing preconceived notions, we propose inspirational resources…

However, JAKO (H) ER also intended for men. This is a book that we wanted to be useful to everyone.

afternoon: That’s probably because I amI wrote and lived, but this book helped change me because it gave me more confidence. I am convinced that it will have an equally beneficial effect on the readers. As for me, INow it allows me even greater challenges, mental and physical, such as accompanying Valérie on her next trip to Nepal. We have also other writing projects in progress.

International coach Valerie The Orsons will therefore give wings to his “ feather » ! Wool fabric Poupa he is currently working on several very diverse projects : two albums for young people released by a Breton publishing house (Black edition), setting up a training workshop (and book) on good practices in communication with the media for small entrepreneurs and independent creators or even a few books in negotiations with publishers.

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