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Basketball – New president of Mbour BC, Habiboulah Fall “Our ambition is therefore to bring the team to the highest level”

The general assembly of Mbour Basket Club was held last Saturday. The audience elected Mohamed Habiboulah Falla as the new president of the club by acclamation. He shared his projects that he wants to carry out with the participation of “everyone”.

Former journalist, Habiboulah Fall, who is no longer in the print world, will hold the reins of Mbour BC for the next four years. He explains his motivation to become president of the basketball club. “I started my professional career in journalism, I worked for 8 years. Now I’m in another field that has nothing to do with journalism. I am in the development of the airport, I have responsibilities, and sport is associative, it is open to everyone. But the most important to me is Mbour. I keep saying it, I love Mbour and I have a passion for basketball. These are the two reasons that pushed me to take on these responsibilities in order to contribute to the development of Mbour basketball above all and the discipline in our community.”

Mbour BC is still fighting to maintain its position and has the ambition to play big roles in the premier league championship. The goal is to be better. For this purpose, he invites all stakeholders to unite and work together. “It is a challenge that we must accept with everyone. We don’t have ready-made solutions, but we have an obligation to unite the energy to make it a force. And it is this strength that will allow us to accept the challenge of placing the Mbour Basket club at the highest level. Sport is a competition, so it’s about winning. Our ambition is therefore to raise the team to the highest level. And we will do it with everyone, ideas and projects. Visual piloting never solved the problem. We will achieve this in an organized framework with method and rigor.”

Today’s sport that combines competition and work. We need the right mechanisms for the life of the club. The new president is also aware of this. He suggests. “The first thing is to have a strategic framework. The strategy is that we will have funds. Because today’s sport is about means. Have a competitive team and worthy leaders. And we already have that because those around me are. From the week onwards, we committed to brainstorming to establish governance mechanisms for this team. And afterwards, the sports aspect is the most important. Because if we have billions and don’t have a competitive team, we have nothing. As in all organizations, you must have administrative and sports human resources, financial and material resources.”

For now, we have to consolidate the achievements. “There are plays. We must not think that there is nothing. The very fact that we have been in the first division for all these years, the only club in the Thiès region, we cannot spit on that. This is an excellent result that must be consolidated. There will always be difficulties, as I said earlier… You go to Real Madrid as well as the Chicago Bulls, there are difficulties. But the men and women of CD are here to solve problems.”

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