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Burnout and poor mental health are putting pressure on global vitality

  • Mental well-being, burnout and stress are decisive factors factors in overall vitality
  • Intellectual and emotional health are ranked higher than physical health
  • Employers play a key role in strengthening the vitality of the workforce

ANTWERP, Belgium and HONG KONG, October 26, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — High levels of burnout and poor mental health are hampering global well-being and vitality, according to the latest research from Cigna Healthcare.

Cigna Healthcare A study of vitality in 2023, published today with the results of a survey of more than 10,800 respondents in 12 markets, shows that only one in five people have a high level of vitality, with mental health being a key factor.

Stress and exhaustion contribute the most to this. Those with low vitality suffer more stress (9 out of 10) compared to those with high vitality (7 out of 10). Although these levels have fallen slightly since the peak of the pandemic, they are still high, with eight in 10 people suffering. Burnout remains at endemic levels, with 94% of respondents reporting at least one symptom in the past year.

The global cost of living crisis is the main driver of this, with almost half of all survey respondents citing it as a key source of stress, closely followed by “uncertainty about the future”.

Jason SadlerPresident, International Health, Cigna HealthcareHe said A study of vitality shows how the worsening welfare crisis poses a challenge to people around the world.

“Our latest research shows that overall health is the sum of many factors. Many external causes of stress seriously affect our mental well-being, leading to worrying rates of stress and burnout,” said Mr Sadler.

“With significant global challenges such as conflict, disease and the cost of living crisis affecting the daily lives of billions of people, we can no longer measure well-being using narrow health metrics such as diet, exercise, and disease itself.

“Meaningful assessments of well-being must honestly consider the bigger picture: intellectual and emotional stimulation, cultural and social connections, financial and physical security, and, of course, health. A study of vitality does just that.”

For nine years, Cigna Healthcare has tracked the changing dynamics of wellness around the world. Tea Vitality study 2023 brings together insights into how social, occupational, financial, intellectual, physical, spiritual, emotional, and environmental factors interrelate and reshape our concept of health.

Top indicators of vitality

  • I really appreciate learning new things and understanding more and more (53%)
  • I know places where I can always go and where I feel safe and good (50%)
  • I decided to prioritize my physical health (43%)
  • I can successfully build relationships with others (43%)
  • I feel able to manage my emotions (42%)
  • I look forward to every new day (42%)

The study shows that vital workplace skills such as building knowledge, having a safe and secure environment, and being able to manage emotions are among the greatest indicators of overall vitality.

Mr Sadler said the results send a strong message to employers around the world to work fast to tackle the vitality issue.

“It’s work have central to human vitality and well-being. It provides the social conditions, resources and benefits that are essential for positive health. Therefore, it is important that every employer considers this as part of their workplace health plan.”

dr. Stella George, Chief Medical OfficerInternational Healthcare, Cigna Healthcare, he added that employers have a responsibility to create jobs that help individuals thrive.

“Well-being is the sum of our choices, the quality of our relationships and the health of our communities. As such, the modern definition of health also extends beyond the absence of disease. It is about thriving in all aspects of life – physically, mentally, socially and environmentally.”

About the Cigna Healthcare Vitality Study

Cigna Healthcare A study of vitality surveyed 10,800 respondents in the USA, Great Britain, Netherlands, Spain, Belgium, Switzerland, KenyaUAE, Saudi Arabia, China, Singaporeand Hong Kong SAR between May and June 2023.

The survey asked 35 questions to assess respondents’ sense of social, professional, financial, intellectual, physical, spiritual, emotional and environmental well-being – giving Cigna Healthcare a comprehensive picture of people’s ability to thrive in the organizational environment and to pursue lives of health, strength and energy .

The study was based on the Evernorth Vitality Index©developed in collaboration with leading clinical psychologist and author dr. Richard Ryan using his self-determination theory and the subjective vitality scale (SVS). The index measures eight dimensions of well-being as well as three components of the SVS.

About Cigna Healthcare

Cigna Healthcare is a health benefits provider committed to better health at all stages of life. We guide our clients through the health care system, empowering them with the information and insight they need to make the best choices to improve their health and vitality. Products and services are provided exclusively or through operating subsidiaries of The Cigna Group (NYSE:THIS ONE), including Cigna Health and Life Insurance Company, Connecticut General Life Insurance Company, Evernorth Health companies or their affiliates, and Express Scripts companies or their affiliates. Such products and services include an integrated package of health services, such as medical, dental, behavioral health services, pharmacy, vision, additional benefits and others.

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