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Cyrus North reveals his “Code” of Conduct

Cyrus North is a child of the 1990s, born in Clamart to Iranian parents. During his internship at Ubisoft in 2013, while the YouTube platform was exploding, he decided to open his own channel to popularize philosophy, especially accessible to high school students preparing for graduation.

After some feedback from the audience, he decided to open a new channel in 2017 in collaboration with his co-author Tom Aguilar, “l’Antisèche”, which offers academic support. Furthermore, he renews his content on his main chainwhich today has several hundred thousand subscribers, with videos awareness of very different social reflections: the place of ecology in our lives, the fascination with serial killers we observe or even the presence of women on YouTube.

Continuing his work as a YouTuber, on October 18 he published the book “ Code” published by Albin Michel: How to accept life events with cheerfulness? How can we avoid worrying about things beyond our control? How to a happy, just and good life?
To answer these questions, Cyrus North draws on ancient philosophy, stoicism, and the latest discoveries about how our emotions work.

A book of philosophy for a pleasant feeling

Cyrus North’s book is called Code and he summarizes the influence of his philosophical readings of Seneca, Spinoza, Schopenhauer and Pascal. Every day he gives advice to others in order to live better and explains philosophical concepts.s** like stoicism: “According to a quote from Epictetus, Stoicism is that human unhappiness does not come from things, but from the ideas they have about them. That is, what presents us with a problem is our vision of the world, it is our interaction with the environment, not the environment itself..

Cyrus North, the new Jamy?

Cyrus North is therefore a philosophy content creator. He has helped many students to repeat their graduation through his videos. He even created another YouTube channel entirely dedicated to students called Shalabakhter. Over the years, he began to deal with historical and scientific topics and many see him as the new Jamy: “Jamy is irreplaceable, my videos have a very academic character, especially with Antisèche where I covered all the subjects, and it was written in collaboration with the professors. Jamy never really took the school corner, although he was a great inspiration to me”.

His commitment to mental health

Cyrus North is also very committed to mental health, as shown in his book Code published by Albin Michel. He also collaborates with NightLineassociation to help the mental health of students : “My mental health almost caught up with me. There were people like McFly who wanted to talk about mental health, and when they wanted to go through a YouTuber, there weren’t 36,000 that were easy to access and made sense of this mental health logic. I talked about philosophy, psychology, my channel was the ideal place. And these are topics that particularly touch me, because I myself followed therapies, meditated, it seemed natural to me to deal with these topics on my channel”.

Is it more complicated to be happy?

In his book Code, Cyrus North gives ten tips on how to be happy. For him, many current factors make it difficult to experience happinessr: “The Internet, social networks and even the time spent on the phone are problems that we didn’t have before. Today we are fighting against the brains from Silicon Valley who are doing everything to spend as much time as possible on our phones, which separates us from real life.”

The first tip for improvement

IN Code, Cyrus North gives some tips to apply in order to be better. For him, it is easiest to observe breathing : ” It is easiest to meditate daily. I’ve been doing it for years, it’s become a kind of reflex. Many people tell me that it’s too hard to think about nothing, to empty your mind, but that’s the whole principle. When someone goes to the gym and finds that the dumbbells are too heavy, that is the goal, otherwise there would be no training. In meditation, the effort to return to your breathing is what you train.”.


Question: What happened to the internet utopia?

A year ago, American billionaire Elon Musk bought Twitter… and imposed new rules and moderation algorithms that significantly modify the use of the platform by millions of users.
Jean Cattan, Secretary General of the National Digital Council and co-author with Serge Abiteboul of the book “We Are Social Networks” published by Odile Jacob in 2022, helps us take stock of this yearand raise the question of the future of the Internet more broadly.

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