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Energy: since I have followed these 3 rules, I am motivated and full of energy every day

In order to have more energy, I introduced three rules into my daily life. We already know the recipe very well more energy and tone during the day, but we often fail when it comes to implementation, so we fail to incorporate good practices into our routine, from quick habits to practice in the morning to be in a better mood to small changes to have more energy. In the end, you need to put things in order and follow some rules (simple rules, but rules). At least that’s what works for me: forcing myself to follow them.

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So I took into account some of the advice of experts on healthy habits Amagoia Eizaguirre (@habituatea on Instagram) divided by Weleda. Of course, the coach insisted on the importance of beauty rituals to devote time to his routine. care, and pausing to smell aromas, feel textures, and consciously massage our skin (something I’ve been doing for years), but she also mentioned other practices for more energy. I tested them all and three seemed particularly effective. Of course, all rules have exceptions, but above all they are to be respected, and that is the most important thing for me.

3 rules for a day full of energy

#1. Set alarms (but not to wake you up)

Waking up naturally (not on the phone) is the secret to a good night’s sleep. However, phone alarms are a very useful tool in two cases, depending on Amagoia Eizaguirre. First ? Limit your phone usage. “On average, we spend four hours a day on our mobile phones, but we don’t find time to see friends, rest or do some tasks. I set myself schedules with alarms that tell me when my connection time is up,” explains the coach.

In my case, rather than a schedule, I try not to spend more than ten minutes in a row scrolling for fun, and nothing helps me with that more than setting an alarm when I start using the social network in question. This also allows us to make using these platforms a conscious practice.

Another case for which Amagoia Eizaguirre recommends setting an alarm to let you know it’s time to sleep. You’ll always feel like you have something to do, but the sound of the alarm will prompt you to follow it without question (or at least give it more attention than sneaking a glance at the clock). This will help you go to bed earlierwhich is the first step towards a longer sleep.

#2. Review the order of your priorities

The trainer reveals to us that there are people who give us energy and others who take it away from us, and that it is important to know how to distinguish between them. That’s why I try to find moments (I force them, if necessary) to see these positive people in my everyday life. We don’t need to set aside an entire afternoon to see each other (although that would be ideal), but we need to find a way to see and contact them daily so they can influence us. We can dedicate some of the hours we don’t spend in front of our cell phones to them, for example.

As for those whose negative aura affects us, Amagoia Eizaguirre believes that “we have to protect ourselves from that. We can mute them or block them on social media and everything will be fine.”

In addition, in order to reorganize our priorities, the coach recommends being realistic about energy management. “It is clear that if our cell phone has 10% battery, we need to charge it again. Why, when it comes to ourselves, do we push ourselves to the limit? Let’s not force ourselves to do things we can’t do. Check your calendar at the start of the day and cross off or postpone tasks based on your energy,” he advises. As for me, I number them according to their importance. The ones at the bottom of the list I don’t worry about putting off until the next day if I don’t do them. I know that sooner or later I will manage to get everything done in the same week.

#3. Practice express exercises

I hate going to the gym, running or any other form of physical exercise: shame on me! But I know that it is good for my physical and mental health and that it is an important step to face the day with more energy. As we say Amagoia Eizaguirre“we must strive for a more active life and connection with nature ; it reconnects us with who we are, it gives us welfare“. That’s why he suggests getting up from the chair and going outside at regular intervals (experts recommend going out every 50 minutes). Going to the parks allows us to “change energy and feel better”.

My rule is to walk (quickly and without stopping) as many routes as possible. This is what makes me, for example, walk from home to work and back instead of taking public transport. I also go for a walk during my lunch break at the office and come back to work in great shape.

Translated by Julie Rodhon

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