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From former model turned con artist to peaceful father, Lionel Clerc tells his story

Maybe this beautiful face that wouldn’t look out of place on the cover of GQ is telling you something? 2007 Mister Switzerland, a time when beauty pageants were still in vogue. Lionel was on the second step of the podium. Handsome guy already spotted during a language stay in California. “You should do modeling,” a professional woman he met by chance told him. Goodbye to the accounting balance sheets that became his daily routine after obtaining the federal financial analyst certificate, Romand took advantage of his opportunity. Very quickly he was recruited by big agencies: Milan, New York, Mexico, Athens. Fashion shows, catalogs, advertisements, there was a lot of it for Coca-Cola, Carlsberg, furniture, and even chewing gum, he recalls with amusement the memory of the casting where he had to kiss a lot of girls… Quite a bright life. bling, surfing on all continents and where the main ontological concern is the concern, he says, “to perfect the tan of the body that was our tool for work”.

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