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Go further for equality between women and men with the Equality 2027 plan

Elisabeth BORN

This morning we visited the Calypso Women’s House, here in Yvelines, which receives especially women victims of domestic violence.

As you know, the equality of women and men is a big thing that the President of the Republic chose for his two five-year mandates. The entire Government is mobilized on this topic, and it is a struggle that I, of course, take on personally.

In the past five-year mandate, we acted in several areas, whether specifically in the fight against violence against women, professional equality, women’s health, but we had to go further, and that is the point The 2027 equality plan, which we presented yesterday, revolves around 4 axes: a culture of equality, professional equality, the fight against violence against women and women’s health.

As for the fight against violence against women, that is obviously the foundation, we had the beginning of the year marked by 27 feminicides, which are always tragedies. Therefore, we must strengthen our actions in order to prevent better. These include allowing women to protect themselves from an abusive partner; This is a “fresh start” package that will be implemented in the coming weeks. It is also a better answer from a legal point of view with the establishment of specialized centers. And then, we also want to better accept these women who are victims of violence.

And so we want to set up a Women’s Center in every department, like the one we visited this morning. We see to what extent this requires the coordination of health professionals and social workers. And so, this is the model that we want to apply in each of the departments.

Maybe about women’s health, since we are also here at the sexual health center, I had the opportunity to say that, it is obviously an important issue. We will continue the plan that was launched on fight against endometriosis.

And then, moreover, I also announced that starting next year, we will provide compensation from Social Security for multiple periodic coverage for women under 25 years of age.

So, it is a global action that we want to continue to implement from now until the end of the five-year mandate. Perhaps, also to say that it is important that France is a country of rights and freedom. Yesterday, the President of the Republic announced the introduction of the right to voluntary termination of pregnancy into the Constitution. I think this is a strong message, because it is also a signal that we send to all countries, at a time when we see that these fundamental rights are being questioned.

I can assure you that the entire Government is really very mobilized to ensure real equality between women and men.

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