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Graphics: Who practices yoga?

Data from the survey about Consumer Insights extra show that yoga and pilates (a method of physical training inspired by yoga and gymnastics) are still mostly practiced by women. The survey results also reveal how the gender gap varies from country to country for these types of activities.

In the United States, the United Kingdom, and Spain, about 30% of women who participate in sports do yoga or Pilates at least occasionally, compared to about 10% of men. The largest gender gap was measured in South Korea, where the percentage of women engaged in this type of activity is particularly high (44%, compared to 9% among men). In India, where the traditional practice of yoga is rooted, the proportion of people who practice yoga or pilates is much more balanced between the two sexes: 31% of women surveyed and 24% of men.

In France, yoga as sports in free time it doesn’t seem as popular as in the other countries studied in our chart. While yoga or pilates practitioners represent 17% and 5% of occasional athletes in France, respectively, Britons (32% and 8%), Spaniards (30% and 8%) and Germans (27% and 6%) seem relatively more enthusiastic about these disciplines.

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