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his daily routine to lose 35 kilos

Present in the show “Prodiges Pop” broadcast on September 23, 2023, Chimène Badi managed to lose more than 35 kilograms thanks to new eating habits and a healthier lifestyle. Difficult sacrifices that bore fruit for the pretty 40-year-old singer.

Discovered thanks to the support of Valéry Zeitoun in the show Pop stars In 2002, Chimène Badi underwent an impressive physical transformation since her debut in the French song. Complicated by her weight when she was just starting out on television, she spoke to journalists about problems with nutrition and addiction to sugar and fats. Both of you in 2015.”I alternated between anorexia and bulimia, until I weighed 95 kilograms. It was hell. I suffered so much from the looks of others!– she confided honestly, admitting then that she had lost more than ten kilograms. A life choice that she made above all to please herself, not others.For me, it’s that I want to be beautiful“, she indicated.

Since then, the title singer Between us managed to lose more than 35 kilograms. Nice and great, she revealed to the journalists TV star 2016, how she achieved such a feat. “I lead a healthy lifestyle, eat healthy, exercise two hours a day” said the singer, separated from her longtime companion Julien. Tired of being questioned about this topic that regularly appears in the media, she wanted to clarify things for journalists: “It’s so frustrating doing interviews and not seeing anything come out….

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