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How to stay young | Morung Express

Rikhyo K Lotha

In this world, everyone wants to live long and stay young; no one denies it. If you enjoy your work and take an active interest in what is happening around you, you are guaranteed a happy long life and will stay young. A man or a woman must enjoy their actions in order to be physically fit and happy. A positive attitude towards life leads to a mature and long old age.

1. Health: the general state of your physical health and fitness, your weight, diet, how much you smoke and how much alcohol you drink, and the amount of exercise; affect your resistance to disease.

2. Emotional view: The most important of all is how you get along with others, how you get along and how satisfied you are with the way you live.

3. Activities: You should be active, participate in religious, social and health activities and enjoy your free time. You are the way you live. Your economic condition should also be satisfactory.

4. Attitude: An optimistic outlook on life, satisfaction with one’s place in life and general values ​​are vitally important.

5. Psychological and intelligence factor: how well you use your mental abilities and level of intelligence, great respect for your own health and physical well-being, the ability to find intellectual stimulation in everyday life and freedom from mental and emotional.

6. Adaptation Rating: You should be able and know that you are able to adapt to life with people and situation you may face face to face.

7. Surroundings: You should live in an area where you can get the good medical care you need to stay fit.

8. Socioeconomic: A good education and a good job are more factors for longevity. Vital factors involved in longevity are those related to maintaining activity, good adjustment and a satisfied life.

9. Idea: It’s not the number of years that makes you old, but the idea that you’re getting old. Many are young at eighty, while others are old at forty. Life is our flame and you live from the invisible care that makes people grow old too soon. The joy of the heart makes people have a beautiful face. A clear mind heals and drives away physical and mental illnesses.

10. Counting: The longer you live, the more you think and the more value you place on friendship and tenderness towards parents and friends. Respect your father and mother, that you may be well and live long on earth. (Eph. 6:2-3) Count your life with smiles, not tears. Count your years by friends, not years.

11. Spiritual Kindness: You will always remain young. If you live honestly, eat slowly, sleep enough, work industrially and worship God faithfully.

12. Enthusiasm: Anyone who stops learning is old, whether they are twenty or eighty. He who studies, stays young. The greatest thing in life is to keep your mind young. Age wrinkles the skin, but the enthusiasm softens, but it does not wrinkle the soul.

13. Forgive sin, heal, rejuvenate: The Holy Scriptures say “If my people who are called by my name humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their evil ways, I will hear from heaven and I will forgive their sins and they will be healed their land, live long and rejuvenate.

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