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How to work remotely: 10 ways to increase productivity

In recent years, we have witnessed an astonishing transformation in work. Telecommuting is now widespread, making productivity a cornerstone of telecommuting success. In this article, we’ll outline 10 practical techniques to increase productivity while working remotely, helping you balance work and life priorities while meeting your professional goals.

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1. Establish a dedicated workspace

The first step towards productive remote work is creating a dedicated workspace. This space should be free of distractions and should be as similar to a traditional office as possible – make sure it has comfortable chairs, matching desks and proper lighting!

2. Establish a routine

Remote workers need a routine to stay focused and productive. By setting one up, remote workers will ensure their productivity stays on track and their focus remains intact. Starting your day at the same time every morning and maintaining a schedule that includes breaks and lunch breaks will help keep you organized while keeping you from burning out.

3. Dress for success

While working from home may seem appealing, dressing like you’re going to the office can increase productivity. If you dress like you’re going to the office and look professional, you’re more likely to keep that mindset and continue with productive tasks. Dressing professionally can also serve as a mental transition into work mode and help you stay focused throughout the day.

4. Set clear goals and priorities

For write a review of the work for remote employees, setting clear goals and priorities is extremely important. Create a to-do list for the day, week or month and determine the essential tasks.

5. Reduce distractions

Distractions are the bane of remote workers’ lives. By developing an effective plan and staying focused, remote workers can avoid external noise or distractions from distracting them from their goals. Locate any potential distractions in the workplace—such as phones, social media accounts, and household chores—and take steps to reduce them. Use website blocking tools or productivity apps to stay focused and on track with your tasks.

6. Integrate technology for success

When working remotely, technology is an invaluable asset. Invest in reliable Internet access, project management software to track tasks and deadlines, meeting video conferencing tools, and video calling tools you need to stay productive. These technologies can simplify your work processes and improve communication with your team.

7. Regular communication

The cornerstone of successful remote work is communication – stay in touch with your team via email, instant messages and video chats to stay on top of things! Schedule regular check-ins with colleagues to address any concerns and discuss your progress.

8. Rest

While frequent short breaks may seem counterintuitive for productivity, they are key to revitalizing the mind and focus. Breaks provide much-needed refreshment that prevents burnout while strengthening focus. Consider implementing time management strategies such as the Pomodoro method, where working 25 minutes followed by five-minute breaks benefits remote workers.

9. Stay active and healthy

It is equally important to stay healthy both physically and mentally. Staying active and fit is the most important thing for a fulfilling life. Regular physical activity increases our physical condition and improves psychological well-being. Exercising by taking daily walks, working out in the gym or playing recreational sports strengthens our immune system, reduces stress and promotes longevity.

Combined with a balanced diet, it helps maintain an ideal weight and prevents chronic diseases. Moreover, an active lifestyle encourages discipline and self-motivation, which leads to success in various aspects of life. So make a conscious effort to prioritize your health and embrace the vitality of staying active. Your body and mind will thank you for it.

10. Prioritize physical activity, nutrition and sleep

When feeling your best is vital to successfully coping with stress and being productive, set boundaries around when you’ll stop working each day and set aside time for hobbies, relaxation, or spending quality time with loved ones.

Fun facts

Fun fact one

With the rise of telecommuting, there has been an increase in sales of pajamas. While dressing professionally is beneficial in terms of productivity, some telecommuters prefer to work from the comfort of home in their pyjamas!

Fun fact two

By 2020, Zoom hosted over 300 million daily meeting participants compared to 10 million in December 2019! This incredible popularity has fueled new phenomena like virtual backgrounds and zoom fatigue, while highlighting the key role technology plays in supporting remote work and maintaining productivity, even amid unprecedented challenges.

Fun fact three

Telecommuting trends have had an incredible impact on how we work and where we choose to live. Given their flexibility to work from anywhere, many have taken advantage of telecommuting by leaving urban centers for cheaper or more scenic locations that allow them to continue working remotely.

This trend has caused an unexpected rise in the real estate market in smaller cities and rural areas. It’s increasingly common to hear stories of remote workers swapping city apartments for spacious homes with scenic views while maintaining their careers and productivity.


Telecommuting has revolutionized the understanding of “home” for many people, emphasizing the importance of creating a pleasant and inspiring work environment. Telecommuting offers several advantages, such as flexibility and reduced commuting time. However, you must maintain a high level of productivity to maximize this work schedule.

By designing the ideal workspace, setting routines, dressing for success, setting clear goals, limiting distractions, embracing technology, communicating effectively, taking breaks when needed, and prioritizing work-life balance, you can unleash your full potential as a remote worker.


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