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Japanese coach

Takishima Mika is a very famous 92-year-old Japanese woman. A sports trainer, she inspires people of her generation to take care of their bodies.

In Japan, lifetime the average is 88.1 years for women and 81.9 years for men, in the period 2020-2025. data from INSEA. In the land of the rising sun, a woman has proven that she is a true force of nature. Her name is Takishima Mika and she is a star in Japan at the age of 92! This old lady is a great athlete, blessed with incredible flexibility and Olympic fitness despite her advanced age.

However, Takishima Mika started playing sports late, at the age of 69. Today, he trains intensively every day and records videos on the Internet where you can see how fitness exercises with disturbing ease and a big smile on his face.

This Japanese grandmother is a sports coach

A housewife born in 1931, Takishima Mika completely changed her life when she was 65, the age at which she became interested in the world of fitness. to lose weight. “At that time, I wasn’t just a little rolled up: I wore pants twice the size of the ones I wear now. I refused to admit that I had gained weight. And one day my husband pointed out to me that I had gained weight… I told myself that the situation was critical and I started going to the gym.”reports the place Japanese.

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After losing 15 kilograms in 5 years, the Japanese woman did not want to stop her efforts. She developed a taste for that discipline and started muscle strengthening classes with a trainer at the age of 79. “She loved to exercise and her motivation flooded her whole body. The more she practiced, the more I told myself that it was a shame that she was only a student. So I more or less forced her to become a coach”recalled Nakazawa Tomoharu, his instructor.

Takishima Mika also holds sports lessons every month for students between the ages of 40 and 60. Very quickly she became a star and an example to follow in Japan.

What does a typical day look like for Takishima Mika?

The day starts very early for the athlete, who allows herself only 3 or 4 hours of sleep per night. “I get out around 4 in the morning and do a 4km walk and a 3km run. Then I end up walking 1 km backwards every day, except when it’s raining. These two hours go by so quickly”, explains the old man. It’s 7 in the morning breakfast time, the most important meal of the day. Takishima Mika enjoys traditional Japanese dishes rich in proteins.

“I eat grilled salmon or horse mackerel, nattô, eggs, tofu, kimchi and nukazuke (vegetables marinated in rice bran)”, the coach enumerates. After this royal meal, she cleans the house and stretches. Even when she’s not playing sports, Takishima Mika takes great care to stay upright and keep her stomach tucked in. So many habits to poke her to have iron health like her!

For lunch, banana and probiotic drink are enough to satisfy her before she continues with her online or video lessons. The athlete prepares chicken and vegetable soup for dinner. Takishima Mika wants to inspire people his age and make them love sports, so that they can stay healthy and fit for the rest of their days.

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