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Jessica (MAPR7) reveals her love life to her subscribers

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2016 M6 launched a new reality TV program called Married at first sight. The title is enough to understand the concept of the show. Singles have the opportunity to apply for the cast, with the hope of finally finding love. Therefore, they rely on the skills of the show’s experts to put them in contact with a candidate compatible with their preferences and their character. Last year, Jessica (MAPR7) risked. She married Pascal in front of the cameras. Unfortunately, the magic didn’t happen between the two. This November 13, 2023. the beauty agreed to tell more about her loves…. We will explain everything to you!

By participating in Married at First Sight, the brunette hoped to meet a man with the same passion as her for Sport. It was also presented by program experts Pascal, a personal trainer accompanying athletes. on paper, former bodybuilding champion and Jessica (MAPR7) had everything to create a perfect love. But the heart has its reasons, which reason ignores. Also, living with her husband for a few days, the beauty eventually realized that he would never attract her. Their romance did not last after the show.

However, after this adventure, Jessica (MAPR7) suddenly became famous. Moreover, at the time of writing these lines, can count on more than 48,000 subscribers. And this Monday, November 13, 2023, during a question/answer session with netizens, she gave an update on her love life. Whilethe attendant asked her if she lived aloneshe answered bluntly.

“I live with my 3 cats. Yes, I am a mother cat and I take responsibility. I love them too much. “, explains Pascal’s ex revealing a photo of the adorable fur ball.

Jessica (MAPR7)
One of Jessica’s cats (MAPR7) — Photo credit: Instagram shot

These men make Jessica dizzy (MAPR7)

Although she has not yet managed to find her soulmate, the athlete does not lose hope. Pressed by one of the subscribers, she agreed to say more about her criteria and details that make him fall in love. Because a visual is worth a thousand words, Jessica (MAPR7) shared photos of famous men she likes. In his story, therefore, we can see an Australian actor Chris Hemsworth or the British Henry Cavill. However, according to her, appearance is not everything. Far from there.

“I’ve already fallen in love with men who didn’t really have that style. It’s all about feeling, chemistry and what a person gives off. »

Jessica MAPR7
Jessica (MAPR7) loves men – Photo credit: Instagram shot

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