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Le Mans Ultimate Club with Europe’s elite this weekend

It’s the sport we play at school: Ultimate. For some people it becomes a great passion like the twenty or so athletes from “Penchot” Le Mans. This weekend he will be in Poland for the European Club Championship.

Le Mans has a great Ultimate club: Les Manchots. They are often young with the French selection at the biggest events. And in the club, this weekend is the first participation in the European Championship. “It is a dedication for ussay Régis Bonétat, player and coach. It’s for pride, success for all years of the club, keeping players, raising the level, that’s great“.

In the French Top 5

This success is logical when we look at the results of last season. “We are the runners-up of France in the mix. It’s great because we prefer to play mixed, it’s more cheerful” continues Régis Bonétat. The fact remains that what follows is less encouraging, with a place away from the podium for the women and a descent for the men. “We want to come back” to explain Hélène Courdoisy, President. “Today we are in the Top 5 best French clubs” according to Régis Bonétat.

So what can we hope for? the new French champions of Beach Ultimate for this Polish weekend? “We are Palčić and that’s good. We are not expected, we have to prove everything, do our best” explains Hélène Courdoisy. The Penguins will face the current champion Amsterdam in the groups, this Friday. “We can finish on the podium, that’s the hidden goal.” That would be “an achievement for this team. This is the generation that started college, before coming to the club. A collective has been created that pushes us upwards” concludes Hélène Courdoisy.

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