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Let’s allow sport to improve our well-being, through impact on health, quality of life at work and the living environment

One in two adults is overweightand the combined effects of a sedentary lifestyle and obesity have dramatic health impacts at the same time and are costly to the national community.

Therefore, we must speed up health sport and put physical and sports activity at the center of our prevention approaches, our care and training paths – and thus the prescriptive reflexes – of our health workers.

We also need to promote physical and sports activity for men and women in the professional environment, in a context where 83% of employees would like to practice physical or sports activity during the day, but where only 13% succeed. When this is the case, the effect is significant, for both employers and employees: improved quality of life at work, health and well-being of employees and agents, increased company productivity (+8%), reduced absenteeism (-25%) and savings for employees (33.6% of their remaining health costs) and for society (13% of health costs paid by the community).

Finally, we must continue to increase opportunities and spaces for exercise, continuing the efforts started with the plan of 5000 sports fields in favor of sports equipment (and with the Green Fund, their energy renovation) and developing our living environment, including in the design of our urban furniture (active design).

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