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MMA: Benoît Saint-Denis, the “God of War” who brought the UFC to its knees

AND “adventure” of five years under the flag that ends, without renewing the contract that binds him to the army. “The motto of my military regiment was : ‘Who dares to win.’ (…) I told myself that I should not regret it and that I had to try the adventure.”explains for Western France. “To fall in love”in the meantime, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, a sport he discovered with Christophe Savoca, who became one of his coaches, set himself a slightly crazy challenge: break into MMA and become a professional fighter. “Every man, I think, comes to a moment when he asks himself questions, where he also wants to become his own boss, live his own adventure”, “BSD” is justified. An approach supported by his wife Laura, herself a former top athlete. “He knows what he wants. He is not capricious but determined. He has it in him”she guarantees.

As passionate as he is, he dedicates his life to discipline. He started competing as an amateur, perfected his kickboxing skills, and was spotted by Daniel Woirin, who invited him to join his teamafter the detection organized in Saint-Denis. “He was a beginner. He was completely raw. I saw impressive abilities in him”, recalls the French coach, who coached Dan Henderson, Lyota Machida and, of course, Brazilian legend Anderson Silva, in the columns of the regional daily. A meeting that convinced him to continue his efforts. Then he gave himself two years, time to blow his savings, to join the UFC. With his manager Guillaume Peltier, Benoît Saint-Denis is sharpening his weapons. And, what’s more, he’s making a name for himself.

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