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National Plan for Equality, Against Hate and Anti-LGBT+ Discrimination (2023-2026)

This plan is the result of long-term co-construction work involving more than a hundred partners: national and local associations, LGBT+ centers, various ministries, companies, independent institutions (National Advisory Commission for Human Rights, Defender of Rights, Regulatory Authority for Audiovisual and Digital Communication).

They were consulted as part of a digital consultation, then during a working seminar chaired by Minister Isabelle LONVIS-ROME and finally during territorial workshops in Orléans, Nancy and Reunion in order to more precisely answer the specific questions of each territory.

During the development of this plan, the associations proposed more than 300 measures, which testifies to the unprecedented mobilization of field actors to invest in all areas of everyday life of LGBT+ people.

Finally, the companies that signed the Charter of Obligation for the inclusion of LGBT+ persons in the world of work of the association “L’Autre Cercle” were interviewed in order to state the difficulties that employers face in these human resources topics.

Find details on the measures of the national plan for equality, against hate and anti-LGBT+ discrimination (2023-2026):

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