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Near Nantes. Isolated people, tenants find a family in these boarding houses

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They are called pensions from family.

These houses give a roof and “family”, do men, women, couplesisolated, broken family, whose social and psychological situation makes it difficult to access a accommodation ordinary.

Relearning everyday and common life

Many are under protective measure and lived in Street.

Like this man who slept in his car two and a half years.

Some have disabilities. Half are retired.

To these pensions, these tenantswhose average age is 59 years, they are learning to manage their daily life again and collective life.

To settle down and rebuild, at their own pace.

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There is no length of stay here. Some have been there for years. Others for a few months. Autonomy is at the center of the project, the journey. They work on self-esteem, budget management, ideas about life and self-care.

Bruno Trouillard, social worker

Three localities in Vinograd

in Nantes vineyardRelay houses are located in three places: Loroux-Bottereau (18 residential units), Basse-Goulaine (7 accommodations) i Vertau (14 accommodations).

The national system, which benefited from a promotional campaign from October 9 to 15, was entrusted locallyAssociation of Saint-Benoit-Labre.

The structure manages 43 accommodations for 45 places.

Surrounded by four social companions and an nursetenants live in their own accommodation, which entitles them to assistance, and share common areas: outdoor space, entertainment room where activities take place. workshops (movement, painting, cooking, etc.), sports area, etc.

One room in particular is for learning acting and working together. It’s here tenant advice and consultation.

These two bodies are real laboratories of citizenship where we discuss, vote and learn to listen to each other.

“In these councils, tenants decide by themselves,” explains the social worker.

Spaces of expression in which they are actors

In these spaces of expression, tenants “become actors”.

Internal rules for residence in the home, family reunification, accommodation, sexuality in institutions, all topics are discussed and voted on.

They are the ones who live in the house and set the framework. If there is a problem at night or on the weekend, they are the ones to solve it. We don’t do it for them. We are working on autonomy.

A social companion

Tenants thus set a scale of sanctions on which the grid is placed repair : verbal or written warning, help with repairs, etc.

In these cases, tenants are located either according to the place of residence.

Elected officials exchange with the director, administrator and employee in the council consultation.

Problems and projects are discussed and supporting documents are created.

The advisory council meets once every three months: three times with representatives and once with all tenants in a plenary assembly.

Three representatives for 18 tenants

Tenants from each location are elected for one year, and the mandate can be renewed once.

In Loroux-Bottereau there are three representatives for 18 tenants.

“This avoids uproar. The meeting of 45 tenants was complicated,” emphasizes Bruno Trouillard, social worker for the structure that sets the framework (respect, listening, lack of judgmentcollective entities, etc.) in order for the exchange to take place in good conditions.

Rules that should apply, regardless of the venue of the debate.

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