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NHRA driver Brittany Force is back in Las Vegas

light pole on the track to start the race

The NHRA Nevada Nationals are this weekend and driver Brittany Force is back in town at Las Vegas Motor Speedway! Mike and Carla’s morning show shared a few minutes on the phone with the record-setting driver. Being the daughter of John Force, a legendary name on the drag strip circuit, it was cool to chat about everything from racing to learning about her first concert.

As we said before, her father is John Force, we wanted to know what actually went with that? Although she will be the first to tell you, she adores him and he has taught her a lot. We wanted to know if there was ever one of those times when she just wanted to say, “…I have this dad!” Brittany was very honest about s “father-daughter” relationship, especially when you do everything together. Working together, having dinner together… she admitted that there were such moments.

Brittany Force returns to Las Vegas this weekend!

Morning show M&C also got a personal scoop on her love life. It must be pretty scary for a guy to try to date a drag racing champion. Well, guess what? Brittany admitted that she found the guy. She actually talked about it too, even though he’s retired, his job was way cooler than hers.

With a lifestyle filled with drag racing, you’d think her bedroom walls would be filled with posters of different drivers? Not so fast! She was clean, talking about her teenage love and her first concert. Come and find out, she was like any other teenage girl and she “SCREAMED” at the performance!

It was a great conversation and an opportunity to learn more about her. Brittany Force is in town for the NHRA Nevada Nationals this weekend at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Good luck to her and her team…and thanks for spending a few minutes with Mike and Carla’s Morning Show!

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