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Presentation of the inter-ministerial plan for the equality of women and men 2023-2027.

On the eve of International Women’s Rights Day, the Prime Minister announces the implementation of the inter-ministerial plan for the equality of women and men.

The main reason for the two five-year mandates of the President of the Republic, this plan is structured around four main axes:

  • The fight against violence against women
  • Women’s health
  • Professional and economic equality
  • A culture of equality.

Consisting of about a hundred measures that will begin to be implemented during the five-year mandate, this plan aims to continue the proactive policy that the Government has been pursuing for six years.

The fight against violence against women is the first pillar of this plan.

The measures will make it possible to break the isolation of the victims and support them throughout the territory. By 2024, every department will have a women’s center, a comprehensive care structure for women victims of all types of violence, supported by a hospital center, where complaints can also be collected. A “new starter package” will also be phased in for women who have to leave their home or who want to stay there after an ex-spouse evicts them.

The complexity and specificity of domestic violence makes education necessary for all stakeholders. Taking the initial guidelines of the mission entrusted by the Prime Minister to two parliamentarians, Emilie CHANDLER and Dominique VIÈRE, the plan envisages the deployment of specialized centers in each jurisdiction. The Minister of Justice will specify the concrete methods of implementation by the summer.

The protective file for victims of domestic violence, which is planned to be launched from the end of 2023 with data related to the perpetrator, will ultimately be enriched with data related to the victim.

Specific works of general interest on violence against women will be distributed in different territories to raise awareness among perpetrators and limit the risk of reoffending.

On the axis of women’s health and as an extension of the policy pursued by the Government in the past five-year mandate with the national strategy to combat endometriosis, this plan proposes a global approach for the benefit of women’s health. Among the measures:

  • The consequences of an abortion will be better taken into account by canceling the waiting period from the first day of work interruption.
  • To combat menstrual poverty, multiple periodic coverage will be reimbursed for women up to 25 years of age.

Regarding the pillar of professional and economic equality, the plan strengthens the role of companies and public services in achieving equal pay and equal access to responsible positions. The Professional Equality Index will be applied to the entire civil service and balanced appointment systems will be strengthened.

In order to put an end to prejudices, it is important to spread and transmit the culture of equality. This is the subject of the fourth and last axis of the plan which provides special support for the creation of a museum of feminism or even overall support for 10,000 young girls to integrate digital and technological occupations.

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