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Reconstruction of the British government: ‘Back to the beginning’

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This Tuesday, November 14, the headlines are the ministerial reshuffle in the United Kingdom, where former Prime Minister David Cameron suddenly returns to the forefront of the political scene. The desperate situation in which the residents of Gaza find themselves is the cause of the gesture “unprecedented in the recent history of French diplomacy in the Arab world”. Annual report of Catholic Relief on poverty in France. And the revolt of Camembert producers.

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The ministerial reshuffle in the United Kingdom, where former Prime Minister David Cameron has suddenly returned to the forefront of the political scene, is making headlines.

The appointment, in Foreign Affairs, of the man who led to Brexit is of course on the front pages of all British newspapers this morning, from Mirror have MetroPass by Guard. The newspaper announces a “risky” reconstruction, with “high stakes” and presents the “shocking return” of David Cameron as a “movement towards the center”, which will “probably enrage the right wing” of the Conservative Party. “Back where we started”, “back to the beginning”: The Daily Mirror, the only left-wing tabloid across the Channel, welcomes the departure of highly controversial Home Secretary Suella Braverman, aka “Cruella Braverman,” but believes David Cameron’s “stunning” return will be “the final nail in the coffin” of Rishi Sunak, the Prime Minister. British tabloids who, in any case, agree that the head of government is “playing big” with this reconstruction, while polls predict a Labor tidal wave in next year’s elections. “Big throw of the dice”, dixit The Daily Mail.

David Cameron, the UK’s new foreign secretary, will have the ongoing war between Israel and Hamas in Gaza as his first mission. A symbol of the damage caused by the Israeli offensive, the Al-Chifa hospital is now “surrounded by tanks, without water and electricity” and at the same time “impossible to evacuate” – an “unthinkable” situation, he lamented. Discharge. “The right to life has been extinguished in Gaza,” the residents of Gaza testify Crosswho chose for his front page a photo of one of them, sitting on the ruins of the Jabaliya refugee camp, in northern Gaza, on January 1.this one last November.

The desperate situation in which the residents of Gaza find themselves is the origin of the gesture “unprecedented in the recent history of French diplomacy in the Arab world”, according to Le Figaro, who this morning once again condemns E. Macron’s Middle Eastern diplomacy, consider it insufficiently “clear”. The newspaper reports that several French ambassadors to the Middle East and certain Maghreb countries, about ten in total, wrote a note, lamenting the “pro-Israel turn” taken by Emmanuel Macron towards them – a position that “breaks with the traditionally balanced position between Israelis and Palestinians.” The war in the Middle East, the shockwave of which is also passing through the United States, where several young members of the Democratic Party, mainly congressional aides, are expressing their disagreement with their elected officials, their own bosses, whose views they do not share. unconditional support for Israel – the story of “breakup” which you will read on the page this morning The New York Times.

The American press always closely follows China’s activities around Taiwan. As President Joe Biden and his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping are scheduled to meet tomorrow in San Francisco, The Washington Post claims that China’s “increasingly aggressive activities” around the islands, as well as “its refusal to cooperate with the U.S. military through channels designed to avoid conflict,” are “fueling fears that the United States will be drawn into a third major conflict.” Discharge talks about the “more aggressive and unpredictable Chinese threat in recent months”, which has prompted Taipei, where “crucial” presidential and legislative elections will be held in January, to “accelerate the modernization and reform of its military forces”, “including a total overhaul of the national service”. which will last from 4 to 12 months in 2024.

In France, Catholic Relief publishes its annual report on poverty today. According to this document, more and more women over the age of 55 need help. The leader of this study explains in Cross the reasons for this increase are undoubtedly the fact that “women take care of children more often than men”, which results in their increasing distance from employment and reduction of pensions – which obviously exposes them more to poverty, even more so in the context of high inflation.

Gender equality is definitely a combat sport – but not yet an Olympic discipline. A very clever transition to tell you about this article from Le Monde carrying another report, from an organization that fights foreign digital interference, this time, about a “campaign of disinformation” run by “actors linked to Azerbaijan” to “damage the reputation of France in its ability to host” the 2024 Olympic Games According to Worldthis campaign could be explained by diplomatic tensions between Paris and Baku in the context of its conflict with Armenia, for which France has expressed its support – for which it earned “severe” criticism from Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev.

We will not leave each other in this. Before I say see you tomorrow, I wanted to let you know about this storm warning issued in the Parisian. The newspaper writes that the producers of Camembert got upset because they just found out that their famous wooden boxes could be banned by European regulations until 2030. Brussels wants to protect the environment, and this packaging cannot be recycled. Producers defend their Camembert boxes made of poplar wood, not only because of their image, because they are part of their heritage, but also because they preserve, as they say, the “organoleptic” properties of their cheese, their smell and taste. But there is no such thing, is there? that the smell and taste of freely flowing Camembert…

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