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sociology is a scrolling sport

Have you been thinking about the Roman Empire this morning? And does this happen to you often? I’d like to point out that I’m mostly speaking to Nicolas and Claude, because on TikTok it’s a question we ask from female to male…

In a few days and more than a billion views: a large discussion was opened via embedded videos. Some kind of wild sociological survey that went viral to find out if people think about the Roman Empire more often than we do…

According to the archaeologists of the digital present who analyzed the phenomenon here and there in articles ( Wired, Konbini), we can date the origin of this trend to last week and locate it on Instagram. It comes from a certain “Gaiusflavius” who posted a video of the Roman Forum accompanied by this text: “Girls, many of you don’t realize how often men think about the Roman Empire / Ask your husband/boyfriend/father/brother, you’ll be surprised by their answer”

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And presto, it’s time for a big poll-challenge, accompanied by analytical videos and commentary. As if that would be a cis straight male thing, like the equivalent of the Roman Empire for women would be thinking about witchcraft, the French Revolution, or astrology… Good!

It seems that sociology is no longer a martial sport but a “scrolling” sport!

You know how to navigate the content on your mobile screen…

There is a more enduring trend in the online social genre, yes, and perhaps more revealing: it’s “humancore”! Definition given media DNA is as follows: ” humancore is all videos shared on networks that show images of people being human … » In the language of France Inter, I would say that these are Delermo’s (fatherly) moments! Tastes of ordinary life, without staging and without filters.

Ladies carrying a shopping bag together, a man reading a newspaper, a pair of intertwined fingers, cleaners jetting by… #humansbeinghumans #humanhumaning, videos that have hundreds of millions of views.

In fact, humancore consists of suddenly observing our fellow humans as in an animal documentary, only in the long run it looks like an endangered species.

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