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Standing committee from November 13, 2023

Road modernization and mobility

Parking at the Valophis residence in Champigny-sur-Marne - Photo: J. Moulin

The department of Val-de-Marne deals with a an ambitious policy of developing the use of bicyclesespecially through Sectional plan of the cycling route. The Department’s goal is to make cycling a daily form of transportation, with optimal safety conditions, by planning that departmental roads become public spaces where active mobility is encouraged, in order to achieve a modal share of 9% of bicycles in 2030.

As such, the Permanent Commission approved the signing of a partnership agreement with Valophis Habitat regarding the creation of bicycle parking spaces in 16 residences in Val-de-Marne, in the communes of Cachan, Champigny-sur-Marne, Charenton-le-Pont, Chevilly -Larue, Choisy-le-Roi, Ivry-sur-Seine, Maisons-Alfort, Orly, Villiers-sur-Marne and Vitry-sur-Seine. The development of these bicycle parking spaces includes the installation of a total of 407 spaces, at an estimated cost of €198,521.96 excluding tax. The department financially supports this project in the amount of €76,104.04 without tax.

Support for local health workers

Val-de-Marne, the second largest department in the Ile-de-France region in terms of the density of its hospital structures, nevertheless faces a series of difficulties related to health and access to care: medical desertification, abandonment of care for the most vulnerable…
To answer these questions, the Ministry is pursuing its goal of making Val-de-Marne a health region by relying on concrete actions in health matters, as well as partnerships established with local stakeholders involved in the field of health.
The Standing Committee thus adopted the renewal of the Department’s support for 7 territorial partners, for a the total amount of 46,550 euros have:

  • Home-Family-Cancer Association which provides supportive care and support to cancer patients and their families. The department financially supports the association in the amount of 2000 euros ;
  • Créteil Solidarity Association which carries out health promotion actions for people with health and social exclusion. The department financially supports the association in the amount of 14,550 euros ;
  • Association Stop Alcohol Addiction which supports people with alcoholism. The department financially supports the association in the amount of 1000 euros ;
  • Drug and Society Association which works to prevent and reduce the risk of addiction. The department supports the association in the amount of 15,000 euros ;
  • Association Visa 94 which works to reduce the risks associated with drug use. The department supports the association in the amount of 5000 euros ;
  • The town of Bonneuil-sur-Marne in the prevention of cancer in populations in situations of socioeconomic and health fragility. The department supports the city in the amount of 5000 euros ;
  • City Health Center Henri Dret in Villeneuve-Saint-Georges, which is a response to the high prevalence of chronic pathologies in the city. The department supports this center in the amount of 4000 euros.

These various projects are part of the department’s health policy.

Support for faculties classified as Priority Education Network

The department develops numerous educational and civic actions in partnership with the National Education System, cities, associations, parents and the educational community. These actions are especially intensified in the weakest sectors.
Thus, 37 colleges within the Network of Priority Education (REP) are entitled to the payment of a special subsidy of the department, up to €4.60 per student, which is awarded based on the projects presented by the colleges.

As such, the permanent committee confirmed the allocation of special points for 24 priority facultiesin the total amount of €56,133.80 for the year 2023.

The department provides support to women victims of violence and their families

The department of Val-de-Marne is dedicated to the promotion of gender equality, as well as the fight against violence against women. As part of this commitment, support, care and guidance for women victims of violence are the main areas of work that the community develops.

Thus, the permanent commission confirmed the attribution of a a grant of €2,000 to the association Center for Information on Women’s and Family Rights Val-de-Marne (CIDFF 94) for the project of collective workshops for women victims of gender-based and sexual violence.
The second grant to the association CIDFF 94 was awarded for the legal sustainability project within the Maison des Femmes du Kremlin-Bicêtre in the amount of 2308 euros for the year 2023 (from September to December).

The permanent committee also confirmed the awarding of a support of €1,000 to the Association of Families of Femicide Victims for the 4th edition of the women’s race organized at Plage Bleue in Valenton. This race aims to promote the equality of women and men, the fight against femicide and all violence against women.

AND support of €30,000 also approved by the standing committee on association Tremplin 94 – SOS Femmes, as part of the “Telephone for serious danger” system, which allows the state attorney’s office to assign mobile phones for reporting to women in very serious danger based on a report determined by the association. These telephones, equipped with a direct notification system, enable women victims of violence to be rescued in a very short time in case of immediate danger. To date, 50 telephones have been deployed in the area.

With regard to the necessary accommodation of families and their children, the Department acts in accordance with the Act on Social Action and the Family, which regulates the authority to care for single mothers with children up to 3 years of age. Therefore, there are 3 types of accommodation and care for the mother/child: centers for the mother, relay accommodation and equipped hotels. In 2022, more than 363 families, i.e. 377 adults and 636 children, are housed in relay housing facilities managed by one of the Ministry’s 7 partner associations.
In order to consolidate these measures, the Department entered into partnerships, in the form of multi-year contracts, with several associations including the Salvation Army Foundation.
As such, the permanent commission confirmed the signature of a agreement with the Salvation Army Foundation which refers to the creation and social management of a relay housing fund intended for vulnerable families and women victims of violence. Fixed financial assistance of €600 per month per foster familywhich is paid by the Department, this agreement aims to offer families staying in the hotel, as well as women victims of violence, accommodation in relay housing facilities with the establishment of enhanced social support that must allow them, in the long term, access to long-term housing.

Finally, on April 11, 2023, the Department launched the “first step” device., a departmental telephone line intended for victims of domestic violence, their relatives and experts facing such situations. This system, which in the first 5 months recorded 101 calls including 40 from victims of domestic violence, 4 from victims of domestic violence, 24 from relatives and 16 from professionals, was able to succeed thanks to the mobilization of 3 associations: CIDFF 94, APCE 94 and APCARS 94, who are committed to supporting callers who have expressed a desire to benefit from monitoring. In order to maintain this cooperation, the permanent committee approved the payment of a financial contribution to these associations as part of the “first step” system in the total amount of €12,000 for 2024.

As a reminder :

As part of the International Day Against Violence Against Women, which is celebrated on November 25, the Department is organizing a conference on gender-based and sexual violence in sports on December 4, 2023.

This conference will be held at the Hôtel du Département, in attendance Catherine De Baecquepresident of the CNOSF Commission for the fight against sexual violence and discrimination in sport, ambassador of the values ​​of Olympism – culture and sport and top athlete, and Philippe Liotard, sociologist, anthropologist from Claude Bernard University Lyon 1, member of the Laboratory for Vulnerabilities and Innovations in Sport and head of the equality and diversity project. The aim of this meeting is to hear the testimonies of women faced with gender-based and sexual violence in the world of sports, to discuss good practices and to identify obstacles and levers for the fight against gender-based and sexual violence in sports.

Finally, the Tremplin 94 association informed the Department that after the departure of the person in charge of organizing Mirabal, this year it is not able to hold the 12th edition of this race, now well established in the Val landscape. -de- Marnais. The department takes note of this cancellation and guarantees the Tremplin 94 association its full logistical and financial support for the organization of the next edition.

The department is committed to environmental protection and animal welfare

The department wants to develop projects in favor of animal welfare, promoting the living conditions of wild, domestic and domestic animals.
Thus, as part of the competition for projects “Support for the projects of associations for the benefit of environmental and animal protection”, the Standing Committee confirmed the support of 18 projects of associations for the total amount of €55,820 for the year 2023.
This call for projects makes it possible to reaffirm the Ministry’s support for local association and to get in touch with new active associations anchored in Val-de-Marne, working for ecological transition and respect for the environment. The proposed actions, which refer both to activities related to the protection of individual animal species and to awareness of nature, are part of the policy of the Ministry of Environmental and Animal Protection.

The next permanent commission is scheduled for November 27, 2023.

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