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Strengthening gender equality: first announcements by the Government

Culture, violence, health. Before the presentation, March 8of the plan for the equality of women and men (2023/2027), explained the Prime Minister in an interview for Elle magazine, the first measures of the Government in favor of strengthening the equality of women and men, a major goal of the five-year mandate.

We must continue to fight for equality in all areas.

Elisabeth Borne

  • Achieve parity in scientific fields by 2027.
  • Launch support for young women to train for tech careers.
  • Create works of general interest related to violence against women.
  • Introduce a platform for investigators and judges with complete information about accused or perpetrators of violence against women.
  • Double female houses.
  • Implement a “new starter package” for women who have to leave their homes.
  • Fund a research program on endometriosis and couples’ sexual and reproductive health.
  • Implement termination of employment without a waiting period in the event of an abortion.
  • Orient, over it midwives, patients with mental disorders according to compensated consultations of psychologists.

A culture of equality

The plan for the equality of women and men foresees promote diversity in scientific fields and achieve equality by 2027. As Élisabeth Borne recalled at the inauguration Danone International Center for Research and InnovationFebruary 6, 2023, “ scientific talent has no gender “.

Scientific talent has no gender. There is no male and female sector. We need everyone’s imagination, ideas and work.

Elisabeth Borne

Consolidate the culture of equality within French society, a support program for 10,000 young girls to train for technological careers will also be deployed.

Action against violence against women

In order not to miss anything, it is planned to create a plan for the equality of women and men work of general interest specific to violence against women in different territories.

In the Appendix, a platform will be established that will allow investigators and judges access to complete information about defendants or perpetrators of this type of violence.

The plan aims to gradually enrich other key information, especially for victims.

By 2024, the Government will double the women’s houses in the territory, bringing it to 100.

Finally, he puts the plan on the calendar gradual implementation of the “new starter package” for women who have to leave their home or want to stay there after the eviction of their ex-spouse.

Associations point out that it takes about 7 round trips for victims of domestic violence to permanently leave their spouse.

On the health side, the plan foresees the equality of women and men financing of the research program on endometriosis and the sexual and reproductive health of couples, for which EUR 30 million will be allocated over 5 years.

The Government is also getting stronger support for women who have had a miscarriage or are depressed before or after childbirth :

  • suspension of work without waiting period in case of abortion;
  • the possibility for midwives to refer patients with mental disorders to paid consultations of psychologists.

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