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subsidies to sports clubs conditional on training on violence against women

Train in the fight against gender-based and sexual violence or without subsidies. This is the deal that the mayor of Lyon, Grégory Doucet, proposed to the leaders of sports clubs in his city. In an interview with the newspaper l’ÉquipeThe mayor of EELV confirms that from 2024, all city sports associations will have to justify “previously trained management teams and employees to benefit from the city subsidyEvery year, the City of Lyon pays three million euros in subsidies to amateur clubs.

Grégory Doucet, elected mayor in 2020, sets the goal “put an end to gender-based and sexual violence in sports” and hopes that this measure will be “way to help free speech“.

The “first” in a big city

This measure is the first for a city of this size, says the mayor. A decision that Grégory Doucet and his sports assistant Julie Nublat-Faure would like to apply in other municipalities as well: “If the movement becomes more massive, it will have a very concrete effect on the functioning of all clubs. As mayor, I am above all in the front line of amateur sports. (…) The fact that Lyon is the first major city to do so could create a ripple effect“.

If political intent is to be translated into action, all levels must be activated. Our current minister, Mrs. Oudéa-Castéra has taken up the torch, and it is up to us, communities, federations and leagues, to seriously address this topic.“, continues the mayor.

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For next year, the measure applies only to sports associations, but the ecologist mayor could go even further: “We could consider going into sectors other than sports.” he replied to the Équipe reporter.

It is possible to condition public assistance on feminist criteria. And that changes everything. Well done Grégory Doucet for the example“, Mélanie Vogel, an environmentalist senator, wrote on Twitter.

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