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Suzanne, the women’s tennis immersion podcast

It is a ritual that heralds the arrival of summer: at the end of May, all eyes turn to the Porte d’Auteuil in Paris for two weeks to Roland Garros. And with the matches on clay, the eternal debates of fans of the yellow ball return: who is the greatest player of all time?
Roger Federer, the living legend and his 20 Grand Slam tournaments ? Rafael Nadal Or Novac Djokovicc with their 22 wins? The answer, however, is obvious.

The best player of all time is the player: Serena Williams who has 23 Grand Slam wins and that should sum it all up. Steffi Graf, the legendary player of the 90s, is 22, more than Federer, and she is not mentioned in this race for tennis history either…

So, diving is now or never in Suzanne, a podcast in 8 episodes dedicated to women’s tennis. Their names are Martina, Naomie, Steffi, Suzanne or Billy Jean, they all left their mark in tennis and their stories are fascinating. And especially this first episode dedicated to the “original nine”, 9 pioneers. An episode showing what tennis and martial arts are like for women.

This year, the winner of Roland Garros will receive the same amount as her male counterpart. logic? Yes, but this parity only dates back to 2007. And to get there, it took a long, very long struggle that started in 1968, when tennis became professional. A fight started by a small group of female players who rebelled against the very masculine authorities of world tennis. There we find a special one Billy Jean King, a legend on and off the field where he will lead this fight for equality with men and also become an icon of the homosexual cause. Billy Jean King, who, like the other players who will lead this fight, can no longer bear that men systematically win two, three, even eight times more than her for the same victories.

And if there’s anything tennis players have had to learn, it’s to listen to Bille Jean King.
She is also the one who will participate in the famous “battle of the sexes” in 1973 accepting the challenge of the tennis player and hardened macho B Obby Riggs. In front of 50 million viewers, Billy Jean King will correct the former world number 1 in 3 sets.

For Roland Garros immerse yourself in these 8 episodes dedicated to women’s tennis, it’s fascinating.

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