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This man devotes his life and his wealth to the pursuit of eternal youth. Here is his amazing daily schedule

Robert Nelsen, a symbol of biotechnology, is not only investing in longevity research. He himself experiments with avant-garde methods of combating aging. Medicines, examinations and sports reveal the intense routine of a man who wants to stay young and healthy at any cost.

Robert Nelsen, co-founder and managing partner of Arch Venture Partners, is a emblematic figure in the world of biotechnology. At the age of 60, he has already invested in some of the most innovative companies in the field of cancer diagnostics, gene editing and longevity. His recent investment in Altos Labsbiotech startup focused on restoring cellular health to extend human life, shows his obsession: to prolong youth and health at any cost.

But Nelsen is not only investing in longevity research, he is a participant in this fight and an ardent believer in various methods to combat one’s own aging. His daily routine is a complex mix of medication, doctor’s visits and specific training. He spoke in detail in an interview for The Wall Street Journal some of the strategies he uses in his daily life:

Medicines and dietary supplements:

Robert Nelsen takes at least a dozen different medications and supplements every day. Among them we can mention:

  • rapamycin or sirolimus: iOriginally used to treat cancer patients and organ transplant recipients, this drug tells the body’s cells to stop growing. Although it has shown antiaging properties in animals, its effectiveness in humans has yet to be determined.
  • there metformin : Used for decades to treat diabetes and promote weight loss, some researchers believe the substance may also prevent dementia and certain cancers. However, these uses are not yet recommended.
  • there taurine : of this substance, which is naturally produced in animals and humans, decreases with age. Studies have shown that mice given taurine lived longer.

Very thorough regular check-ups

Specifically, Nelsen submits a MRI body every six months, a practice that, while it can help detect health problems, carries the risk of misdiagnosis. Nevertheless, Nelsen claims that such magnetic resonance imaging has already made it possible to detect cancer Thyroid at an early stage.

Furthermore, since cancer prevention is a priority for Nelsen, he therefore consults dermatologist every three months, much more often than classic recommendations, which would be the most for an annual review. These regular visits allow him to make sure of the early detection of signs of skin cancer.

Sports in an electric suit

Nelsen participates in training in a special suit that emits weak electrical impulses throughout the body. He firmly believes that these currents can strengthen his muscles and improve his overall health.

Robert Nelsen’s wife, Ellyn Hennecke, told the Wall Street Journal: “Bob is very afraid of death“. We would suspect.

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