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what are the causes and how to eliminate them?

Dpainful or just unsightly, pimples on the back can affect adolescents in the acne period, as well as adults for whom blackheads on the face are just a distant memory. And this can cause complexes or certain discomfort.

What are the different types of back buttons?

Both men and women can be prone to back pimples. If testosterone production makes men more prone to back acne, hormonal variations in women are also an important factor. Then different types of pimples can appear: black or white pimples due to accumulation of sebum in the pores and which can oxidize in contact with air, microcysts or even papules. Red and swollen, they can be painful to the touch or in contact with clothing.

If you notice red spots on your back, it could be due to a skin condition like eczema. Then it is recommended to consult a specialist doctor who will give you advice and appropriate treatment.

In any case, avoid touching, picking or scratching pimples on your back as this can make the situation worse.

What causes pimples on the back?

Why do you have pimples on your back? This can be due to various reasons.

  • Excess sebum: The pores on the back are larger than those on the face, and the skin is also thicker. Excess sebum combined with the accumulation of dead skin can easily lead to the appearance of pimples on the back.
  • Hormones: Hormonal fluctuations affect sebum production. And this can result in hormonal acne on the jaw, but also on the shoulders, décolleté and back. Taking or stopping pills or even pregnancy can favor the appearance of pimples on the back.
  • Sweating: Sweating is also a factor that favors back pimples. In order to avoid the multiplication of bacteria, it is recommended not to wear clothes made of synthetic fabric that are too tight, to change your bra every day and to shower after every sport.
  • Improper care: This is a factor we don’t necessarily think about, but shampoos, conditioners and hair masks contain silicones and greasy films that can clog pores and cause back pimples. Do not hesitate to lather your body after washing your hair and/or choose the most natural products for its maintenance.
  • Insufficiently rigorous hygiene: Bedding, towels, clothes, pajamas… Regular cleaning of fabrics that come into contact with your skin is essential to limit or prevent the appearance of back pimples.
  • Lifestyle: Lifestyle is also essential for beautiful skin. Consumption of alcohol, tobacco, too much fatty or processed food can cause acne on the back.

How to remove pimples on the back?

A healthy lifestyle, impeccable hygiene and regular exfoliation are a very good basis, but sometimes this is not enough to avoid pimples on the back. So once they’re installed, here are some actions you can incorporate into your routine to get rid of them.


The first step in preventing and getting rid of back pimples is cleansing. If it should not be too aggressive with the risk of further stimulating the sebaceous glands and causing the appearance of new spots, it must be daily. You can turn to mild, cold saponified soaps. Or according to treatments specially adapted to acne-prone skin, with the most natural possible composition. Make sure to use them only on the affected area and not all over the body to avoid drying out the skin.

The right products for cleaning pimples on the back

Cold saponified, this soap includes eucalyptus essential oil to reduce the size of sebaceous glands, spearmint essential oil to repair and promote healing, and organic nettle powder to restore balance to oily skin. All certified organic and 100% natural origin.

Compound based on pine stem cells, this gentle cleansing treatment reduces the appearance of spots and imperfections, regulates sebum production and cleans and balances the skin without attacking it.

This one coal jelly Bin Cho Tan and essential oils of lemon, fine lavender and organic tea tree – ingredients known for their purifying, soothing and anti-acne properties – leave skin clean and deeply cleansed.

Formulated with only 11 ingredients of 99% natural origin, this washing gel removes impurities and gently exfoliates the skin while restoring the balance of the skin flora thanks to the presence of probiotics.

To heal

After the skin has been cleaned, it is the best time for care. Choose the lotion, cream, serum in the form you want and apply directly to the spots. A must for a complete routine? Apply a descaler and pore-shrinking lotion, followed by a serum or cream topically on imperfections.

The right products for the treatment of pimples on the back

Ideal after a shower, this exfoliating lotion and astringent removes limescale residues that attack and dry the skin. Its pH identical to that of the skin restores the acidity balance of the epidermis, and the active exfoliating ingredients remove the dead skin responsible for clogging pores and the appearance of small pimples.

With its short formula of only 6 ingredients – including anti-inflammatory turmeric – this great serum works on 6 types of imperfections: blemishes, redness, acne, blackheads, scars and excessive sebum production. It can be applied to the face, but also the back, shoulders and trunk.

This one K-beauty cream on the basis of centella asiatica deeply hydrates the skin while caring for imperfections and scars.

Quick disappear button? There sulfur paste Normaderm Phytosolution S.OS. locally dries spots and at the same time prevents their reappearance. Its ultra-precise applicator delivers the right amount of product.

Prevent and reduce scars

Scratched, punctured, exposed to the sun, pimples on the back can give way to unsightly scars. In order to protect ourselves from them or alleviate them if they are already present, we rely on restorative and healing treatments.

The right products to reduce back acne scars

To make shallow acne scars disappear, this Typology serum combines PHA with the regeneration and depigmentation action of centella asiatica, a plant known for its regenerating action.

Tea tree essential oil is the main ingredient in acne treatments. Its purifying action is used here to refine and smooth the skin’s texture and help remove traces of imperfections.

If you are exposed to the sun, it is important to protect yourself with sunscreen so that pimples on your back do not turn into scars. This one gel-cream with a very high protection factor is specially designed for acne-prone skin to protect it without making it shiny or clogging pores.

Whether they’re recurring, one-time, or long-standing, you now have the keys to avoiding and dealing with back pimples.

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