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Why Journaling Is Important | The Daily Star

Posted at 15:45, November 13, 2023

Shazia Omar

The act of journaling is not just putting pen to paper; it is a gateway to self-discovery, a path to healing, and a way to navigate a busy world with clarity and purpose.

If asked to elaborate on my top five self-care activities, I would have to say…. yoga, meditation, time with loved ones, swimming and journaling.

For me, journaling has led to deep insights and a portal to peace even in times of confusion.

Journaling helps me untangle the tangled thoughts in my mind and release them on paper, so the weight is no longer in my head; but again, do we write from the head or from the heart?

Journaling promotes creativity as a writer and a sense of self-acceptance, as you begin to see events and emotions from a different perspective. It also helps us to rewrite our own narrative, once, twice, a week, a day, until we find a story that empowers us; a story of learning, healing and growth.

Here are some benefits of journaling.


A diary is a sacred space where your thoughts, emotions and experiences come alive. It is a mirror to your inner world, allowing you to observe, reflect and make sense of your feelings and experiences. Through self-reflection, you gain a deeper understanding of yourself and your life path.

Emotional release

Just as a river carries away impurities, journaling serves as an emotional release, allowing you to vent, express and process your feelings. When we put our emotions into words, we release their heavy burden, creating space for healing and growth.

Photo: Alison Joyce


Photo: Alison Joyce


Writing about your thoughts, dreams and goals clarifies your intentions and desires. When you see your aspirations on paper, they become tangible and within reach.


Writing down challenges and brainstorming solutions helps you think more critically and creatively, which ultimately leads to more effective solutions.


The key to healing from within begins with self-awareness. Journaling helps you track your growth, your failures, and your patterns. With this knowledge, you can make more informed decisions and facilitate personal growth.

If you don’t already have a regular journaling practice, I encourage you to give it a try. You can write freely (morning pages) or use instructions. Feel free to turn to Flow Within, a journal I developed with some of my favorite advice on topics like passion and purpose, relationships and boundaries, authenticity, and the shadow self. This magazine will be available at Dhaka Flow Festival at Gulshan Society Lake Park on 10-11 November 2023. Hope to see you there!

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