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“You mustn’t…”: Claire Keim, revelation about living together with Bixente Lizarazu, evenings that are not always very fun

Addicted to vampire and zombie series, he knows all about your favorite stars, with a slight fondness for what’s happening across the Atlantic. Although he has hot Spanish blood, he still retains his very French sense of humor and never shies away from a well-intentioned pun.

Starring in “Vise le coeur” this October 26 on TF1, Claire Keim is a happy woman and in a relationship with Bixente Lizarazu. If everything goes well between them, the actress has already mentioned a few evenings with her beloved in which she does not have a very good time…

“You shouldn’t…”: Claire Keim, revelation about living together with Bixente Lizarazu, evenings that are not always very fun Dailymotion

It is a love story that has been going on for more than 17 years, but Claire Keim AND Bixente Lizarazu they are still discreet. The world champion from 1998 and the French actress and singer live in the Basque Country, the homeland of the former soccer player, to which he is very attached. Together they had daughter, Uhaina, born on August 23, 2008, and everything seems to be going well. Tonight, it is possible that two lovers will meet to watch a new episode of the detective series Aim for the heart on TF1in which a beautiful 48-year-old blonde plays one of the main roles.

A beautiful romantic evening, but this is not always the case, as Claire Keim has mentioned in the past. It must be said that the native of Senlis (Oise) fell in love with an unconditional sports fan even when his great friend is not involved in it Grégoire Margotton he likes to spend his evenings watching the games. He asked Paris match In 2014, it seems that the actress is not really a fan of those moments when her beloved is very focused, but not really on her. “You should know that I’m not into football at all. It amuses me when I see my friends turn up thinking that Bixente is going to comment on the game for them”he says before revealing behind the scenes: “He stays hyper-focused, you can’t make any noise! ​​He’s watching football. I’m in front of the fireplace, writing or playing the piano in my office.”

It’s much harder to get tired of someone you miss all the time

Evenings where two lovebirds are alone before meeting again a little later in the evening. Due to their very busy schedules, Claire Keim and Bixente Lizarazu don’t see each other that often and that’s obviously a good thing to hear from the artist. “We are very lucky that we miss each other. We don’t have habits, we don’t have a daily life, we don’t have a routine. It’s much harder to get tired of someone who misses you all the time”, she describes. And that’s good for them!

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